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Roche imports personalized health care to expo


On November 5-10, Roche Group will debut its two core businesses, pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, at the China International Import Expo, where it will showcase its scientific breakthroughs in early R&D, integrated diagnosis and treatment solutions, personalized health care offerings as well as the launch of Alecensa Patient Care program.

With the biggest booth in the Medical Equipment & Health Care Products Hall, Roche demonstrates a long-term commitment to Chinese patients and the Healthy China 2030 Initiative.

More international trade and cooperation in the new era is seen to provide immense benefits to everyone.

As China’s first state-level import expo, the CIIE is set to create a new platform for inclusive, open cooperation between businesses from both home and abroad.

“We do believe gatherings like CIIE help grow the global innovation ecosystem and we’re thrilled to support this event, both now and in the years to come,” said Dr. Christoph Franz, chairman of Roche Group.

“As a pioneer in medical research and development, we are dedicated to innovation in China for China. I strongly believe that China with its focus on science and technology, and its huge reservoir of talent has the potential to become one of the global innovation leaders in the world. Roche is proud to contribute our international experience and expertise in health care sector.”

Roche sees the potential of digital health that facilitates better patient outcomes with pioneering practices such as personalized health care.

The company has pioneered an approach that relies on data and analytics to link patients with the most specific and appropriate treatment options. With combined strengths in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, Roche is uniquely positioned personalized health care its core strategy since 2006 and has become a pioneer.

With the help of digitalization, of data rich in quality and quantity, Roche is driving personalized health care forward finding the right treatment for the right patient.

Personalized health care has also an enormous potential for patients in China. Roche, as a pioneer in this field, is well positioned to contribute to China’s Precision Medicine initiatives.

Today, Roche already has activities in China to drive personalized health care including innovative profiling, for instance FoundationOne, which allows physicians to identify the molecular alterations in a patient’s cancer and match them with relevant therapies.

As a global biopharmaceuticals leader and a pioneer in personalized health care, Roche Pharmaceuticals makes commitment to the China market since it was established in Shanghai in 1994.

Over the past 24 years, the company has built a full pharmaceutical value chain covering research and development, production and commercialization through huge investments in Shanghai. Today, it provides 18 innovative drugs of eight therapeutic areas in China.

In recent years, Roche Pharmaceuticals China has continued to invest in innovation and R&D in China. The construction of the Roche Innovation Center Shanghai, representing an investment of 863 million yuan, is progressing smoothly and is expected to be completed in 2019.

The new innovation center will focus on early research and development in immunology, inflammation and infectious diseases.

In the light of further reform and opening-up, China has been ramping up efforts to reform its health care system and accelerating the approval of new medicines.

The renewal of the National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL) in 2017 and other positive steps aimed at accelerating the review process for new drugs have demonstrated the Chinese government’s determination to provide quality health care for everyone.

To date, five targeted therapy drugs made by Roche have been listed in the latest NDRL. This move has significantly reduced the financial burden on cancer patients in China and made a standard treatment available to even more Chinese patients.

The recent approval of Alecensa, a novel innovative drug used to treat ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer, is a great example of this accelerated process. Launched in August, only nine months after its release in Europe and the United States, Alecensa has set a new benchmark for the accelerated approval process. Indeed the first prescription in China was issued just 46 days after it was approved, marking an unprecedented step in “China speed,” giving Chinese patients access to the innovative drug and allowing them to benefit from an advanced standard of care. The kick-off of Alecensa Patient Care Program at Roche booth is truly a testament to the company’s dedication on Chinese patients, creating an integrated platform to provide a series of patient centricity services including Patient Education, Integrated Financial Solution, Patient Assistance Program.

The priority of CIIE gives to the health care industry fully reflects that China has elevated it to a position of national strategic importance. The top-level Healthy China 2030 Initiative and policies encouraging the development of treatments for cancer and rare diseases demonstrate the nation’s determination to improve the overall health of its citizens.

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