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Piramal Critical Care Announces the U.S. Launch of MITIGO™


Piramal Critical Care announced the launch of MITIGO™ (Morphine Sulfate Injection, USP – Preservative-free) in 10 mg/mL and 25 mg/mL concentrations in the U.S. market.

Piramal Critical Care will continue to work with wholesalers, hospitals, interventional pain doctors, and pain management centers across the country to ensure availability of MITIGO™ for patients with intractable chronic pain.

"Piramal Critical Care has established itself as the leader in U.S. intrathecal therapy with Gablofen® which we have successfully integrated post its acquisition from Mallinckrodt. We are pleased to support intrathecal therapy for pain management with FDA approval and our launch of MITIGO™,” Peter DeYoung, Chief Executive Officer, Piramal Critical Care, said. “We continue to expand our leadership in intrathecal therapy through this launch, as well as in inhaled anesthesia and the injectable anesthesia and pain management drugs that we acquired from Janssen. We stay committed to executing on our strategy to expand our portfolio, address patient and customer needs, and deliver high quality critical care solutions to the market."

MITIGO™ (Morphine Sulfate Injection, USP – Preservative-free) is an opioid agonist, for use in continuous microinfusion devices indicated only for intrathecal or epidural infusion for the management of intractable chronic pain severe enough to require an opioid analgesic and for which alternative treatments are inadequate. Available in 200 mg/20 mL (10 mg/mL) and 500 mg/20 mL (25 mg/mL) preservative-free amber glass vials.

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